When a person is passionate about a cause, it is natural for them to want family members to join and support. Most nonprofit contributors are individuals who want to see a change in society. They are not staff or prominent people. However, asking a family member to donate can be awkward, and an individual can be unsure of how to start the conversation. Here are ways in which an individual can encourage a loved one to start giving.


  1. Tell a Story

Encouraging a loved one to donate may require more than dry statistics. An individual needs to use storytelling to show the impact of the cause on people and society.


  1. Use Different Ways to Reach People

The use of social media can be of great benefit in reaching friends and family who are not in close contact. But for those that are close, a phone call or an email can be effective. An individual can also request loved ones to get involved in the cause other than making donations.


  1. Make it Easy

It is important to have a proper donation channel. Eliminate guesswork and consider the various ways in which people make donations. Let them understand whether the organization can receive gifts.


  1. Organize a Birthday Fundraiser

An individual can demonstrate commitment by asking friends to donate in honor of a birthday. Online platforms such as GoFundMe can be effective for this campaign.


5. Express Gratitude

An individual should always thank the potential donors even before they reach out for their wallets. It is also important to express gratitude when sending the message or when sharing the online platform link.