A problem with boards across the United States is that they lack diversity. The reason is likely that boards recruit members that have similar thought processes as the existing members. However, it is important to note that a diverse board can lead to many successes


To get the board ready to be hands-on, a few things will have to occur. 


  1. An open mindset.

To get hands-on, the board has to open their minds to new thought processes. Things will be uncomfortable at first because change is not comfortable. However, once this period of discomfort passes, the board will reap the successes of multiple viewpoints. 


  1. Organizational Goals

Once a more diverse team is established, it will likely be necessary to reflect on the organizational goals and possibly expand them. This will allow room for growth within the organization and allow all members to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. 


  1. Time Commitment

Establishing a diverse team and equity is no easy task. The board members have to be ready to put the time in to achieve this huge goal. This will likely need to be a discussion in which all board members are present, and the expectations are clearly outlined. 


  1. Multiple Leaders

The board cannot set out on this journey with a sole leader. To be effective, multiple people on the team will need to be passionate about this change and dedicate themselves to the project. This will put the board on the right track for success.