Mohammed Babangida is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of experience in the areas of education, security services, and banking.

Professional Background

Over the course of his career, Mohammed has proven himself as an inventive, forward-thinker who is passionate about identifying and creating new opportunities for development and growth. A highly-driven individual, Muhammad has a strong history of leading successful strategic initiatives, strengthening and leading dynamic teams, and achieving organizational efficiency.

Currently serving as the Executive Director of El-Amin International Schools, Mohammed is responsible for the overall operations and performance of the schools as well as ensuring the school’s long-term sustainability. El-Amin International Schools educate children from across Nigeria and promote respect for cultural and religious values.

Muhammad Babangida’s Philanthropy Efforts

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mohammed Babangida – who also goes by Muhammad– is a dedicated philanthropist who cares deeply about giving back to members of the community. While he supports a wide-range of causes, Muhammad is most passionate about causes related to the education and development of children. As a beneficiary of the community, Muhammad Babangida understands the importance of giving back in order to create more opportunities for others, especially younger generations.

In an effort to empower the youth through education and sports. Muhammad Babangida established the El-Amin Foundation in 2008. Muhammad is committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities to those throughout Nigeria because education is the key to a prosperous future for these children and the community. As Muhammad contends, if the present generation is appropriately educated and instructed then the following generation can continue to build off these accomplishments and achieve even greater things.

Furthermore, Mohammed Babangida is equally interested in increasing athletic opportunities for children within the community. He has witnessed firsthand how sports have helped to increase school attendance, concentration, teamwork, coordination, self-confidence, and healthier choices with the students at the El-Amin International Schools. As someone who has always been drawn to sports himself, Muhammad sought out this opportunity to pass along the benefits of athletics to the next generations.

Through the El-Amin Foundation, Muhammad aims to use sports as a motivator and vehicle for change for children across Nigeria. While proper education provides the necessary building blocks to be successful and contribute to society, sports empower children to dream and challenge them to overcome obstacles. Through sports, children learn that they can accomplish their goals if they work hard as well as how to become responsible, accountable, and dependable individuals.

In addition to his work with the El-Amin Foundation, Muhammad Babangida is also a passionate supporter of WaterAid UK, an international charity that transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene, and sanitation. The world’s poorest people do not have access to safe water or sanitation, which leads to high death rates and also holds back the development of the regions affected. WaterAid UK works to tackle the crisis from all angles by working with local partners to deliver clean water and toilets; promote good hygiene, and campaign to make change happen for everyone everywhere.