As the world evolves, philanthropy evolves as well. People are always finding new ways to give back and make a difference in the world, regardless of the obstacles they may encounter. While we’re halfway through 2020 and things are much more complicated than many expected in the world due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19, many trends are still occurring or can be expected to occur. Here are a few of the biggest trends we’ve seen and will continue to see in philanthropy as 2020 continues. 

People Will Continue To Give Regardless Of If It’s Seen

While it can sometimes be hard to believe, people are giving back more than ever nowadays. The biggest difference is that you don’t always see people giving back to a charity. Many Americans give to crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe, or will try and raise money or needed supplies for families that are struggling. GoFundMe says that a new fundraiser is started on their site every 8 seconds, which is mind blowing to think about. More than ever people are trying to do better regardless of whether or not it makes them look good, and many are trying to make sure those donations go directly to the people in need as opposed to the organizations that act as intermediaries.

Philanthropy May Become More Polarized

With the 2020 presidential election fast approaching, many people will begin to donate to causes that may be the focus of some political conversations. This is commonly called “rage giving” and isn’t always the greatest way to approach philanthropy. This political polarization can cause larger funders to shift the way they approach their charitable giving, such as funders adopting a non traditional “charitable” LLC which helps them engage in policy debate more.

Tech Will Move Philanthropy More Than Ever

This trend likely doesn’t come as much of a surprise, and will also be a trend that we see for years to come. As time passes, technology becomes better. This is only inevitable, and the better tech becomes, the more people will utilize it to make their lives easier. This can be seen with philanthropy as well. Due to mobile phones and the existence of apps on our phones, it’s faster and easier than it ever has been to vet a nonprofit. They allow us to give to the causes we choose almost instantly, and it’s even easier to share that with our friends and family in hopes that they will also give back.