There are many small steps that charities can take in order to make an impact. You should embrace the digital world if you have a small charity. There are several ways that you can benefit from doing this.

Free Tools That You can Begin Using Today

Many small charities are daunted by the thought of having a digital persona. However, you do not have to a dramatic online transformation to make a difference. Many of the digital platforms and tools are free. Raise the Roof Kenya is an example of a small organization that is taking advantage of the digital world.

Byrony Partridge works is the communications director for the organization. He stated that digital marketing is one of the things that has made the organization a success. He also stated that integrating digital into your organization is not a necessity., Whatsapp and Basecamp are some of the digital platforms that the company has used.

Byrony is thankful for digital marketing. Because the company now uses digital platforms, the company is able to increase their funding. They also have more time to work on other projects and expand their organization.

Digital can Make Your Charity Stronger

GDPR laws are changing. Charities that are not prepared for these changes will be left behind. Fortunately, there are several online organizations that are available to help. A digital skills report showed that 50 percent of the charities surveyed did not have a digital strategy. Only 27 percent of them have implemented their digital strategies into another organization strategy.

You will have to be able to effectively communicate with your beneficiaries in order to serve them effectively. The digital world makes it easier to communicate with your beneficiary.

It is Fun and Social

Being a member of a charity can be lonely. There are many online communities where you can chat with other people who are a member of a charity. You can even chat with people about things that are not related to the charity. It only takes a few minutes for you to set up your social media, and you can instantly start connecting with other people.

Where You can Go to Get Help

You can use Reach in order to recruit trustees who can enhance your digital experience. Your trustees can also help you improve your digital skills. Technology is not going to wait from us. We can all benefit from it regardless of how small our organization is.