The daily stress that entrepreneurs go through causes them to be tired and weary throughout the day. The hard work can take a toll and begin to impact their personal life. This may cause many social entrepreneurs to wonder if their personal sacrifices are worth it.

Many fundraisers have thought about quitting their job as a result of their frustration. Compassion fatigue is a serious issue that should be addressed. Compassion fatigue describes a lack of compassion that has developed over time. People who strive to be socially conscious internalize their flaws and perceived failure at not working fast enough. The pressure can discourage and consume them, causing them to give up. Compassion fatigue does not receive the attention for being a serious issue that it deserves. Here are some tips to help entrepreneurs and donors avoid compassion fatigue.

Gain Perspective

When you are committed to helping everyone, even the smallest victory can have a long-standing positive impact. Take time to reflect on different people, places, and things that you have impacted in a positive way. Research has shown that losses have a larger impact on people than gains. Be aware that regardless of how successful your organization is, you will always need a helping hand.

Work On Yourself

If you cannot manage your own health properly, then it is harder to help anyone else. Get your rest and take some time off if you need too. Work and life balance should be a major priority.

Stay Proactive

Be prepared for potential signs of burnout. Think about different ways to prevent it. Show that you care about your team and help them. Keep the vision the main priority and track your progress toward the completion of your goals. Make sure that your colleagues are comfortable chatting with you about fatigue.

Stay Decisive

Remember that you can take a break sometimes. Don’t allow negativity to linger. Move forward when you are tired and find the strength to seek change. Avoid unnecessary decisions that can increase your burnout while hurting your motivation.

Build Connections

If your supporters only hear from you when they are needed, that is not good. Look for ways to reach your supporters and invite them into your world. Look for opportunities to create value in their lives.

Stay Faithful

To keep your confidence up, make promises that you know you can keep and manage your expectations. Don’t try to rush anything, as you’ll forget that the journey will be slow and steady.