A lot of organizations dread to hear the words donor fatigue. It means that there is a lack of cash flow, which can be intimidating to think about. However, there is are ways to remedy donor fatigue.


Host Engaging Events

If people aren’t engaged, they likely will not feel inclined to make donations. It is important to create a comfortable space that promotes socialization. One great way to make the events comfortable for donors is to host events that are not fundraising events. The organization does not have to pour a lot of money into these events. Hosting events that are not meant to bring in donations allows donors to create relationships and learn about the cause in a no-pressure environment.


Communication is Key

Donors need to know where their money is going and the impact it is having. If the organization does not have a consistent way to communicate with donors, it needs to get one stat! This can be through a newsletter, social media page, or even text updates. There are plenty of tools available online to help automate this process if the organization has a large number of donors.


Find Out Why Donors Leave

It is no surprise that the business will lose some of its donors eventually. Use this opportunity to learn why the donor stopped donating. This information is valuable as the business continues to grow its relationships with donors. Be sure to ask in a courteous and non-obtrusive way in order to keep the relationship with past donors positive.