Residents and businesses of a community make up the network of safety nets that give help and support to adults and children. There are no limits to how essential services to the community can be achieved. Just look at your neighbors, young and old, and the need will be visible.

Food Donations

The holiday season should not be the only time that food care packages be distributed to families and the elderly population. Once or twice a month, anyone can set aside a small amount of money to take advantage of nonperishable food sales, in their local grocery stores, to create a food basket that will help with daily meals throughout the year.

Form a Literacy Club for Children

You don’t need to be an expert in child education to start a group for children that provides books, tutoring, and writing contests for the development of reading and writing skills. Books can be bought for minimal amounts at thrift stores and a creative mind can organize writing competitions with prizes and awards.

Personal Care Kits for the Homeless

Personal hygiene items may seem basic to someone with a steady residence, but to homeless individuals, a bar of soap and a toothbrush help someone maintain their dignity. The supplies for a personal care kit can be easily purchased at dollar discounts stores. Once assembled, these packages can be donated to shelters, group homes or any other places where people reside in a group setting.

Don’t Forget Our Fury Friends

Pets give love and companionship to so many people who do not have human companionship. Pet animal hospitals and veterinarians can offer a lifeline of treatments, medications and shelter to low income families that may be forced to surrender their pet because of lack of money.

Improve the Quality of Life of the Elderly and Disabled

Individuals or employees of companies can create a lottery system to offer their services for simple tasks around the homes of elderly and disabled residents. Washing windows, shampooing carpets, trash removal, simple sewing tasks, and organizing closets and living spaces can make someone’s home clean and inviting.

Visit the Sick and Lonely

Nursing homes and assisted living centers house many people who do not have families that visit frequently so holidays and birthdays go uncelebrated. Greeting cards and sweet treats, in dollar discount stores, are in abundance for someone who would like to brighten the life of a person who may not receive anything on special occasions.