Once the need for huge sums of money arises, a quick solution is to organize a fundraising activity. Fundraising has been a useful tool from time immemorial. However, traditional methods of raising funds are presently under turbulent waters, and this is something that has never been witnessed before. To raise money in the modern times, you do not need to hold a fundraiser since new means of raising money have cropped up. Nonetheless, fundraising is still being utilized even in this new millennium, and it has played a significant part in supporting causes through online platforms as depicted below.

1. Crowdfunding and Social Media

Many established organizations today, an excellent example being our universities, are raising money through crowdfunding. This means of sourcing money has become so prominent that most corporations have incorporated it into their development operations. The new millennium has seen the development of online social forums that have a huge following. Facebook, for example, it has over 160 million American users who, if mobilized, can raise money for charity.

2. Donor-Advised Funds

It is on record that Fidelity Charitable, a donor-advised fund, is offering more support for private courses. For instance, in America, it is on top of the list of not-for-profit organizations that support private programs. Hence, if you are considering conducting a fundraiser in 2017, these firms are an excellent target through which you can tap into their deep financial reserves. They are responsible for having reshaped America’s charity environment. However, to succeed in this, you must be proficient in the art of seeking gifts from them and also know how to draw their interest into your noble cause.

3. Major Gifts and Big Donors

The secret to reaping more benefits from any market is identifying a target and then going a step further to prove its needs. Wealthy donors are always willing to give, but the only way to source gifts from them is by learning what they want first. You must have a competitive edge over other charities to help you to acquire their contributions and also ensure that you have what it takes to get more donors knocking at your door.

4. Year-End Fundraising

If you choose to go with this selection, early preparations and planning are necessary. Making plans and reviewing previous events to obtain helpful lessons come in handy. Moreover, operating on strict timeline for such an occasion ensures that your fundraiser runs smoothly and entirely achieves its set objective.

5. Creative Ideas On Fundraising

The same old notion and theme of fundraisers no longer work as expected. Hence, coming up with something new that will spice up the process is crucial to draw more support for your cause.

Giving is receiving. Unfortunately, the American people are still adamant about this saying, and they derive pleasure and satisfaction in helping others. Hence, if you have a noble cause that warrants financial intervention, it is high time to familiarize yourself with the above fundraising topics for a successful event.