Asking donors about their feelings and loyalty regarding your nonprofit organization is one way to ensure you are always moving forward in the right direction. Whenever you are seeking feedback from your most dedicated donors, there are three simple questions to ask allowing your donors to share their feedback on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being “strongly disagree” to 10 being “strongly agree”).

“Name of Your Nonprofit” is My Favorite Charitable Nonprofit Organization

Learn more about your donors by asking whether or not your nonprofit organization is considered a “favorite”. If your organization is not considered a favorite by an overwhelming number of donors, consider why this may be and what type of marketing or campaign strategies may work to remedy the issue.

I Am Committed to “Name of Your Nonprofit Organization” and Support Its Cause

Commitment is an important factor to keep in mind when running a nonprofit organization. Many donations to large charitable organizations come from repeat donors and donors who have been loyal to the nonprofit throughout the years. Building a long-lasting relationship with donors is essential for growth and expansion as a nonprofit, which is why it is key to inquire about whether or not your donors currently feel total and complete commitment to helping your cause. Determine the underlying root cause if donors simply do not feel as committed to your nonprofit organization to make the necessary changes for improvement.

I Have a Sense of Loyalty With “Name of Your Nonprofit”

Loyalty is also imperative when building a nonprofit, especially when you are doing so on your own or from the ground up. Inquire about the loyalty your donors have to your organization and whether there is anything you can do to help increase and boost loyalty with your most dedicated contributors. The more questions you ask your dedicated donors, the more likely you are to receive funds in the future when meeting the needs of those who contribute the most.

The better you understand your donors and where they stand on supporting and sharing more information about your cause, the easier it is to connect and communicate with them on an individual level. Getting to know the wants and needs of your most dedicated donors is a way to truly build a working and successful plan for any nonprofit organization you run.