As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses will have to adapt to changing consumers. To maintain a competitive advantage, it is critical that businesses monitor the latest marketing trends and adapt to meet today’s customers.

Here are some of the top marketing trends to watch for in the coming years:

The Rise of Social Commerce

Thanks to social media, it is now easier than ever for consumers to pass along information about companies. This has led to an increase in word-of-mouth marketing; companies responsible for good customer service will see significant returns on investment.

Content Being Repurposed Across Platforms

Before COVID-19, companies used to market their products and services exclusively on social media. With the rapid growth in content marketing, it has become more common for businesses to repurpose their existing video content across platforms. Businesses are also expected to see an increase in sales by addressing customer questions via social media.

Community Builds Business

Digital communities have become a driving factor in many companies’ marketing efforts. Consumers are now more likely to seek advice from those who share similar interests and concerns, and businesses can benefit by advertising within specific communities.

Content Is Still King

Businesses that focus on creating high-quality content for their customers will be at an advantage as the market continues to shift towards building community. While some companies have been tempted to cut back on their marketing efforts during the economic downturn, those that invest in high-quality content will find themselves with a loyal following of customers when the economy recovers.

Advances in Marketing Automation

The rapid growth of content marketing has also increased the demand for more sophisticated marketing automation systems. This requires an understanding of how each consumer interacts with the company’s products or services and how to reach them at precisely the right time.

The Rise of Brand Activism

With the COVID-19 pandemic and other social upheavals, consumers saw first-hand how quickly their lives could change. As a result, more companies are expected to highlight products that offer purpose and meaning instead of merely being practical.