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A History of Philanthropy

 The concept of charitable activity is deeply rooted in human nature and has been apparent across millennia. Understanding the history of philanthropy helps us know how this impulse has developed.


Religious Motivations

Before the Greek word philanthropy was coined, people served the poor by providing them with their resources. In addition to being religious, many of the most fervent servants also practiced charitable principles. During the 1500s, awqaf and other Islamic principles allowed for generous service in the Ottoman Empire. These principles continued to influence philanthropy throughout history.


Early Centralized Philanthropy

As the power structure became more centralized, more state-sponsored philanthropy was possible. Some examples of this include China and Rome. During the reign of Augustus, he used the empire’s funds to provide financial assistance to thousands of individuals. During the 10th century A.D., China’s Song Dynasty started allowing for the establishment of orphanages, soup kitchens, and other programs that were not always supported by the succeeding dynasties. In the 17th century A.D., the country became one of the first countries to provide senior citizens with homes.


Early American Giving

The spirit of fleeing persecution inspired many people to give. This was also reflected in the movement toward philanthropy in the U.S. One of the most prominent individuals who contributed to the development of this movement was Cotton Mather. His essay, “Essays to Do Good,” was published in 1710. His work propelled wealthy individuals to give generously during the Industrial Revolution. John Rockefeller and Warren Buffett are some of the most prominent individuals who contributed to the development of philanthropy. Both of these individuals made significant donations to various charitable organizations.


Reforms in the 20th Century

During the 20th century, many individuals gave to support various causes, such as those related to the war in Afghanistan and India’s freedom from Britain. This movement led to increased charitable giving in the U.S. Today, many of the country’s households are dedicated to addressing environmental and poverty issues. Additionally, many individuals volunteer their time and skills to help needy individuals and nonprofits. Participate in a long tradition of philanthropy today by sharing your wealth or your time!


6 of the Best Charities to Donate to Today

After deciding to support a charitable organization financially, the next procedure is looking for a legitimate non-profit organization that will use the donations to make meaningful impacts. Sorting out through the hundreds of non-profit making organizations to verify their credibility may be cumbersome. However, the following are the best charities to donate funds to.

United Way Southeastern Michigan

It is an organization that specializes in the mobilization of Southeastern Michigan and Detroit’s caring power. Besides, they are improving individual and community lives in lasting and measurable ways. They achieve their goal by empowering and improving each family’s lives to become successful through health, economic prosperity, and education.

Hand and Feet 24/7

The Hands and Feet 24/7 mission has established a gathering space beneficial to the SC and Taylors. Additionally, the organization has been formed to establish and facilitate job training, promoting Gospel-centered education and community development programs.

Keeping Blues Alive

The Blues Alive foundation aims at fueling the music passion through the funding of scholarships and programs. It helps the teachers and students who have musical talent, but resources deny them the chance to achieve their desires.

Wishwall Foundation

Wishwall is a non-profit organization. The organization’s principle is giving voice to the voiceless and assisting them in making their wishes come true. Besides, the Wishwall foundation is known for its multi-faceted nature. It mainly consists of Wishwall in all cities and the Wishwall online. It gives individuals the chance to show their wishes. The foundation also encourages people to help one another and ensure all people achieve their desires and dreams.

Kyyba Kidz Foundation

Foundation formed as a dedication in assisting the underprivileged individuals and orphans in raising the required resources using community participation. They help kids achieve great heights by ensuring they are active partners by participating fully to get the necessary capital for orphan’s education.

Global Giving Foundation Inc

An organization that connects the companies, donors, and nonprofits to donate. They help the nonprofits from Zimbabwe to Afghanistan access the support, training, and tools they require to make the world more convenient.


Having gone through the best organizations to donate your donations to, you can now make your choice. The donations will be used in the right manner and greatly help many needy people.

Agricultural Investing and Food Security

On a planet that is sustaining more than seven billion people, producing enough food to feed them all is a major challenge. However, producing enough food is not the primary problem. Rather, it’s the distribution, affordability, and access to all the food that is produced that causes food insecurity for millions.

In fact, more than nine million people a year die from famine, according to Mercy Corps, an international relief agency.

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) reports that the number of people facing food insecurity rose by 60 million between 2014 and 2019. The situation is even more confounding considering that, in modernized nations, from 30% to 40% of all food is simply tossed in the trash because it goes unused.

The challenge of achieving even food distribution globally is considerable. Experts say a key area where this problem can be attacked is in the realm of agricultural investment. This process can be handled in multiple ways. One of the biggest factors is the funding provided by governments. The U.S. is the largest contributor to the FAO with $529 million contributed in 2019 alone.

This money is used to support things like crop forecasting, sustainable agriculture, disaster relief (as in the case of famine), food safety, and more. The FAO funds collaborative research efforts between nations seeking to increase food production. More importantly, it works on ways to get food where it is needed and to make it affordable.

Industry observers say that investing in agricultural technology must be a high priority going forward. That’s because there are a series of factors that are putting pressure on growing enough food for everyone. For example, climate change is producing longer periods of drought that destroy crops. That can be countered by technological advances that produce food varieties that can sustain warmer and drier growing conditions.

The central thing to remember about bolstering ag-tech is that it costs money. That’s the role of agricultural investment. Governments, corporations, local farmers, and communities must put more financial resources into creating advanced food-growing technologies that will sustain food production in the coming years.

Additionally, geopolitical factors, social factors, and government policy all play a role in producing food and getting it to the tables of all those who need it around the world.

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