Philanthropy is as basic as loving your neighbor as yourself. Yet it is big enough to reach “neighbors” all around the globe. How can your charitable venture have this global impact? It’s by drawing people into your big idea.

Social Media

Social media platforms are now a part of daily life. We know that they play a huge role in fundraising efforts. However, too many foundations miss the point of social media, which is that it is social. Groups that excel in these platforms are those who know how make friends with their fans. They engage them in conversation and value their opinions.

Brand Matters

Consistency throughout your social media and direct mail appeals shows professionalism. Professionalism builds trust. Trust builds support and support translates into donations. So don’t be tempted to just put random posts on Facebook or Twitter. Take time to build your brand and make each post count.

Story Telling

Communication is key to strong relationships and this applies to philanthropy as well. You need to communicate your vision in order to gain support. The best way to do this is through the power of story. Stories about the people you seek to help will draw your supporters into your vision. It helps them to see and care about the human aspect of your mission.

The Bottom Line

Donors want to know how their donation will be used so be honest about your needs. When you itemize your needs specifically, it allows donors to choose which part of your mission they would like to support. This also makes them know that they are a vital part of your team.

Team Work

Seasoned philanthropists know that they cannot go it alone. Big ideas need team work to make them happen. Working with a team is also good for your morale. Even the most passionate person will experience frustration. So surround yourself with people who can lift you up and help you through those frustrating days. Create a culture of encouragement around you.

Following these tips will help your foundation stand out. They will help to build your brand and draw people into what you hope to accomplish. Whether it’s as simple as an after school program for kids in your neighborhood or as complex as drilling wells in African countries, you will need support. These tips will give you a good start as you build your team.