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Muhammad Babangida is a committed philanthropist from Nigeria

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Using Big Data in Philanthropy

Big data in the philanthropic sector could be optimized to produce a host of positive impacts. Like any entity that requires fiscal and operational management, a philanthropic organization should be ideally guided by data-driven goals and objectives and supported by staff with the tech know-how. This ensures that big data are efficiently leveraged or used […]

Personalized Learning and Philanthropy

Personalized learning has become a hot topic of conversation concerning K-12 philanthropy. Personalized learning started to gain notoriety after the Gates Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative contributed financial donations to help support this style of learning. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has contributed to multiple personalized learning projects and helped fund Chiefs for Change and the […]

Philanthropy and the Media Should Work Together

In recent years, the digital revolution has both changed the face of the media and cast an unflattering light upon its failings. In many parts of the world, the news is either censored or difficult to access and even modern democracies, such as the United States, are struggling to filter out fake news and irresponsible […]

The Best Intentions Don’t Always Lead to Effective Philanthropy

If you’re part of a grant-giving organization, or you are merely a business or individual who has the funds available to give to charities, you probably have a process that you use to determine which organizations are most suited to your donations. If you have a grant that you have advertised that isn’t getting many […]

How to Give Smarter

Americans are well known for their charitable giving and generosity towards those who are less fortunate than themselves. Since there is so much need in the world, people are often subject to large numbers of appeals regarding all manner of no-doubt-worthy causes. In self-defense, people often elect to focus their personal efforts on a specific […]

How to Give Back to Your Community

Residents and businesses of a community make up the network of safety nets that give help and support to adults and children. There are no limits to how essential services to the community can be achieved. Just look at your neighbors, young and old, and the need will be visible. Food Donations The holiday season […]

Focus on Strategic Philanthropy

While philanthropy is like a business in that time, money and effort are all put toward a goal, the biggest distinction between them is goals. Businesses further monetary gain. Philanthropy furthers “humanitarian gain.” It is with this distinction in mind that we have compiled several notable things philanthropists can do to optimize return on investment. […]

Fundraising Topics to Master

Once the need for huge sums of money arises, a quick solution is to organize a fundraising activity. Fundraising has been a useful tool from time immemorial. However, traditional methods of raising funds are presently under turbulent waters, and this is something that has never been witnessed before. To raise money in the modern times, […]

Big Ideas in Philanthropy

Philanthropy is as basic as loving your neighbor as yourself. Yet it is big enough to reach “neighbors” all around the globe. How can your charitable venture have this global impact? It’s by drawing people into your big idea. Social Media Social media platforms are now a part of daily life. We know that they […]

Finding Social Influencers For a Non Profit

Many people spend lifetimes looking for a cause they feel worthy of sinking their teeth and efforts into. Once discovered or created, in the hearts of people who participate in these foundations, each cause deserves all the attention and funding in the world. Gathering resources and contacts in order to build up the non-profit’s financial […]

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