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Muhammad Babangida is a committed philanthropist from Nigeria

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How to Handle Donor Fatigue the Right Way

A lot of organizations dread to hear the words donor fatigue. It means that there is a lack of cash flow, which can be intimidating to think about. However, there is are ways to remedy donor fatigue.   Host Engaging Events If people aren’t engaged, they likely will not feel inclined to make donations. It […]

The Case for Team Fundraising

Usually, when one thinks about fundraising, you picture the efforts of one determined, and probably exhausted, person. But, nowadays, that isn’t usually the case, since many that support a given cause come together to fundraise in the form of a team. These teams consist of family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues that band together to […]

Transforming Your Philanthropy’s Digital Approach

In 2019, Blackbaud prepared their “Status of UK Fundraising Report,” where they asked Britain-based charities about some of the challenges they anticipated facing in the philanthropy sector over the next three years. A third of the charitable organizations surveyed expressed concern over feeling like they did not have the right tools and technology to reach […]

Is it Important to Reward Donors?

The short answer is yes, it is extremely important to reward donors! When an organization takes the time to reward its donors, they create a long-lasting healthy relationship where both parties feel valued. What exactly is an appropriate donor reward? Keep reading to find out.   When considering a donor reward, it is important that […]

Creating People-First Culture

Our society has gradually been moving closer to a people-first culture, but some workplaces are finding it difficult to adapt to this trend. While there are many benefits to putting people first, it can be a challenge to make this a successful transition. As an employer or business owner, the following tips can help you […]

Understanding Trends in Online Fundraising

Americans are very giving as a culture. As technology evolves, it’s become important to target potential donors online. One example of this is the COVID-19 epidemic. Where traditionally many museums and other non-profits hosted big parties to raise money, many of those events have gone online. Organizations that have been light on their feet and […]

The Morals of Charity

Very few people deny that helping other people is a good thing. After all, if someone can use their hard-earned cash to better the lives of an individual or group of people, why shouldn’t they? Everyone seems to win. Still, there are significant questions posed about the method and motivation behind various charity endeavors that […]

How Community Engagement Can Restore Trust in the Government

Trust in government is an essential element in any democracy. Unfortunately for the United States, it’s currently running on a near-empty tank, as the gap between parties widens further with every passing day. While this is disheartening, the gap is not unbridgeable; simple human interaction can work wonders for combating this divisiveness. When it comes […]

How to be a Philanthropist Without Money

We often hear about the good that philanthropy can do for the donor, as well as for the recipients. The benefits of giving are numerous, regardless of the charity, but the media seems to focus on the charitable acts on the wealthy and the major corporations. Yet, one doesn’t have to be wealthy to be […]

What Does it Mean to be a Philanthropist

In the past, philanthropy once solely focused on one’s empathy and desire to help others in society. Over time, that love for humanity has taken on a broader, more generalized theme, as people have donated resources to support the arts, new businesses, scientific research, and even government and political organizations. A philanthropist is often one […]

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