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Muhammad Babangida is a committed philanthropist from Nigeria

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How Community Engagement Can Restore Trust in the Government

Trust in government is an essential element in any democracy. Unfortunately for the United States, it’s currently running on a near-empty tank, as the gap between parties widens further with every passing day. While this is disheartening, the gap is not unbridgeable; simple human interaction can work wonders for combating this divisiveness. When it comes […]

How to be a Philanthropist Without Money

We often hear about the good that philanthropy can do for the donor, as well as for the recipients. The benefits of giving are numerous, regardless of the charity, but the media seems to focus on the charitable acts on the wealthy and the major corporations. Yet, one doesn’t have to be wealthy to be […]

What Does it Mean to be a Philanthropist

In the past, philanthropy once solely focused on one’s empathy and desire to help others in society. Over time, that love for humanity has taken on a broader, more generalized theme, as people have donated resources to support the arts, new businesses, scientific research, and even government and political organizations. A philanthropist is often one […]

6 Steps to Creating Successful Community Engagement

When looking to foster stronger connections within your community you’ve got to figure out how to create successful community engagement. It takes time, dedication, and consistency in order to do this and we’ve put together a list of 6 ways you can work towards creating more engagement within your community that will last. Become familiar […]

Starting Small How Much the First Donation Matters

Running a nonprofit charitable organization requires more than the ability to share your cause with others in hopes of a monetary contribution. Understanding how to appeal to potential donors while onboarding those who are loyal to the cause you represent is key to maintaining and growing a successful nonprofit organization. Learning just how much your […]

Questions to Ask in Order to Spot Your Most Dedicated Donors

Asking donors about their feelings and loyalty regarding your nonprofit organization is one way to ensure you are always moving forward in the right direction. Whenever you are seeking feedback from your most dedicated donors, there are three simple questions to ask allowing your donors to share their feedback on a scale of 1 to […]

Steps to Becoming a Better Philanthropist

A philanthropist is a charitable person who uses his or her time, money, and energy to improve the living standards of other individuals. The philanthropist does not expect to be rewarded. Philanthropists are concerned with helping the unfortunate in the society by giving them necessities. Successful philanthropists focus on improving lives on a long-term basis […]

Why Even Small Non Profits Need to Adopt A Digital Presence

There are many small steps that charities can take in order to make an impact. You should embrace the digital world if you have a small charity. There are several ways that you can benefit from doing this. Free Tools That You can Begin Using Today Many small charities are daunted by the thought of […]

Ways Your Charity Can Use Facebook Live

If you are doing charity, then you should consider using Facebook live. You may be able to get more support for your charity if you use Facebook live. It is estimated that 80 percent of people would rather watch a video than read a blog. Facebook live videos get 10 times more comments than blog […]

Using Big Data in Philanthropy

Big data in the philanthropic sector could be optimized to produce a host of positive impacts. Like any entity that requires fiscal and operational management, a philanthropic organization should be ideally guided by data-driven goals and objectives and supported by staff with the tech know-how. This ensures that big data are efficiently leveraged or used […]

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